Highlights from our offer:

  • Possibility to make your own seatingplan
  • Making a wedding cake
  • Possibility of hospitality of guests before the wedding
  • Recommendation for photographers and cameramens
  • Recommendation for music band
  • Recommendation for flower arrangements
  • Accommodation and breakfast in the Honeymoon Suit including services of Wellness and Spa center in the hotel and a surprise gift for the newlyweds
  • Civil wedding in the banquet hall
  • Church wedding in the church Saint George located in the Ethno Village
  • On the first wedding anniversary complimentary dinner for the newlyweds’ in the Ethno complex

    The wedding price includes:

  • Welcome drink for all guests
  • The price include selected menu with drinks
  • Champagne for the bride and groom and the best man
  • Fixed ceremonial decoration of the banquet hall that includes - wedding chair covers available in three colours, table cloths and linen napkins
  • Parking for all guests
  • Organization of civil and church weddings in the banquet hall of Ethno hotel, in the beautiful garden and in the church of Saint George
  • Gift for newlyweds: Honeymoon suit in Ethno complex with included services of Wellness and Spa Center
  • The duration of the ceremony is bound by the contract

    The wedding price does not include:

  • Flower arrangements on the tables
  • Music
  • Cost of civil and church weddings
  • Photographer’s service
  • Using banquet hall out of the agreed time

Menu IV


  • Assorted meat products
  • Assorted selection of cheese
  • Casino eggs
  • Canapes
  • Sushi

  • Salad with vegetables and meat
  • Chicken salad
  • Homemade pies

  • SOUP

  • Veal soup


  • Beaf steak in puff pastry
  • Duck breast with flambéed peaches
  • Potatos

  • Mixed salad


  • Rotisserie pork and lamb or Mixed grilled meat
  • Roasted potato
  • Cabbage salad


  • Bread (White bread, brown bread, cornbread)


  • Chocolate fountain with fresh fruit
  • DOMESTIC "PREMIER" BRANDIES: Quince, Apricot, Pear, Plum, Grapes
  • DOMESTIC "PREMIER" LIQUEUR: Premier plum with honey, Premier Cherry liqueur, Premier raspberry liqueur
  • SPIRITS: Čivas, Jack Daniels, Johny Walker Red, Ballantines, Baileys, Jegermeister, Martini bianco, Campari, Vodka Smirnof, Pelinkovac, Vinjak, Gin Beefeater
  • BEERS: Draft beer "Premier" pivo 0,33/0,5
  • WHITE WINES: Chardonnay Kovačević 0,75 / Žilavka Mostarsko vinogorje 0,75
  • RED WINES: Aurelius Kovačević 0,75 / Talas Crveni Deurić 0,75
  • ROSE WINES: Rosseto Kovačević 0,75 / Quet Rose Fruškogorski vinogradi 0,75
  • BEVERAGES 1/1 lit.: Coca-Cola / Coca Cola Zero, Sprite, Fanta, Schweppes Tonic, Bitter lemon
  • JUICES 1/1 lit.: Apple, Peach i Orange
  • MINERAL WATERS 1/1: Knjaz Miloš, Aqua Viva
  • COFFIES: Domestic coffe, Espresso, Nescafe


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