Spa Vrdnik

At an ideal position of 240 m above sea level, the spa is charactirized by a temperate continental climate with 2200 hours of sunsine a year, and the absence of strong winds and cold air masses. Clean air with a bigh content of ozone, without any pollution, classifies the Vrdnik spa as an air spa.

Spa Vrdnik has healing water wich, due to its temperature and chemical composition, is one of the hypothermic waters. The water temperature of 29-32 degress Celsius, altitude and clean air make the spa one of the air spas in Serbia.
The beneficial effect of thermal water has been known since the beginning of the 19th century. At the time when Vrdnik was a mining place, the miners were the first to experience the positive effects of this water. Working in the shaft, they often stood in the water that appeared from the cracks in the limestone. Not knowing anything about the quality of that water, they only stated the alleviation of the symptoms of gout and faster epithelization of the skin. The results of the water analysis only confirmed the statements of the miners and set the scientific framework for the application of this water in medicine.
The beneficial effects of natural sources establish a balance between health, beauty and well-being of the whole organism. In addition to containing minerals, thermal water is also hypoallergenic, and therefore it is suitable for sensitive and irritated skin. It is naturally pure and rich in minerals. It has a beneficial effect on the locomotor system, on recovery from respiratory diseases or rheumatic diseases. Water contains sodium, calcium, magnesium, sulfates, hydrocarbons and is ideal for relieving stress, fatigue, hypersensitivity and insomnia.

The spa is know for repair and prevention:

  • Extraarticular rheumatism
  • Postoperative conditions of the locomotor system and spine
  • Diseases of the peripheral nervous system
  • All forms of rheumatic diseases (chronic degenerative rheumatism of the musculoskeletal system and spine)
  • Pain syndromes of different origins
  • Sports injuries