Ethno restaurant and Wine Cellar

Ethno restaurant "Vrdnička kula", an ideal place to get away from the city crowds, to slow down your daily rhythm and to connect with nature. The reasons why you should definitely visit this restaurant are its location - located in the heart of Fruška gora, as well as the tastes of local cuisine which you will have the opportunity to try. The use of local products such as forest mushrooms, game meat, cheese, honey, ham, hot pepperoni, grapes and wine, with a touch of culinary magic, is the choice for our guests, through the unique offer of traditional local cuisine. Food preparation with the use of an open flame as the main source of heat, not only satisfies the gastronomic sensory criteria, but also creates perfect pleasure for guests. Within the kitchen we have our own bakery where fresh pastries are prepared every day. Homemade sausage, smoked neck, homemade bacon are from our smokehouse. The diligent hands of our butcher and secret recipes are creditable for the unique taste of homemade sausages, kebabs and burgers that are prepared in our kitchen. The smells naturally smoked meat and barricaded wine, with the ambience, whether it is the smell of pine trees in the summer months or the crackling of the fireplace with a snowy idyll in winter, remain etched in the memory of those who came to enjoy the charms of "Vrdničke kule ”.
The capacity of the restaurant with a terrace is 230 seats. The terrace offers a beautiful view of Vrdnik and Fruška gora, which can make your family lunch or business dinner unforgettable. Our great passion is the production of fine brandies from different types of fruit. We want to offer our guests a completely natural drink that will be enjoyed by both - the sense of taste and the sense of smell. That is why we set the goal to bring gentle scents and aromas of selected and ripe fruit into each glass of brandy. We meet sacrifice and tradition, love of fine drinks and modern technology. All this makes it an irreplaceable symbiosis that is the foundation of our top Premier brandies.
In the various restaurant offer we have craft Premier beer from our own production. The passion, creativity and precision that goes into every drop is what made us brewers. Our philosophy is to prepare the best beer using the best ingredients, where it is possible to add domestic autochthonous components.
Be hedonistic and choose only the best for yourself! Our task is to meet your expectations!
Ethno gardens consist of three smaller gardens with a total capacity of 70 seats. They are connected by a children's playground located in the central part where you have a view of your little ones while they are enjoying in there carefree play.
Wine cellar with a capacity of up to 130 seats, is extremely suitable for organizing corporate events and receptions, as well for beautiful and important moments that you want to share with friends and family.